How a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Has Helped Me Succeed in the MBA-SBP

by Jordan Weigand

Prior to my senior year at Duquesne University, I never would have imagined that just a few weeks after graduation, I would sitting in the classroom starting my MBA. My interests in college had always surrounded sports and psychology, how those two could be intertwined with one another, and how I could make sports psychology a career for myself moving forward. Going into my senior year at Duquesne, I applied to schools across the country that had sports psychology or sports science graduate programs, in hopes that I would eventually be accepted into one of the programs and be able to begin my path towards a career in the sports psychology field.

This all changed when I decided to assist my father with his practice as a financial advisor. During the winter break of my senior year, I was able to create strategic marketing plans, assist in the creation of financial portfolios for clients, and sit in a few investment meetings that really enhanced not only my knowledge but also my enjoyment for what a career in the business field would be like. That is when I decided to take a few introductory businesses courses in my final semester at Duquesne and I couldn’t be any happier that I made that decision.

After doing research on different MBA programs that schools had to offer, I discovered the MBA-SBP program at Duquesne and right away knew it would be the perfect fit for me. I knew that the knowledge that I had from my coursework as a psychology major – as well as my small amount of business knowledge – would allow me to succeed in this program.

During my time as an undergraduate, I was able to learn and understand aspects of people such as how they think in certain situations, how they work in different situations, the affect that teams have on people compared to performing individual work, as well as how different things motivate people. I was also able to gain a great understanding of qualitative and quantitative data analysis, as well as how to create and write research proposals. All of this knowledge that I was able to learn as an undergraduate psychology major, has helped me immensely during my time in the MBA-SBP program, especially with the consulting projects.

I could not be happier with my decision to continue my education with the MBA-SBP program and the ability I have to pair the extensive knowledge I have learned through the program so far with everything I was able to learn with my undergraduate degree in psychology. I know the combination of these skills and knowledge will allow me to be successful in my career moving forward.