Embracing Pressure in the MBA-SBP

by Nicholas Gilmore

“You never really know yourself until you see yourself under pressure” – Joyce Meyer

I find particular relevance in this quote when I reflect upon my time in the MBA-SBP program thus far (almost two semesters). This program has pushed me in ways that I have never experienced before, but I believe I am better because of it. From the experiential consulting projects to the expectation of professional-grade deliverables – there is no shortage of real-world applications in this MBA program.

With that being said, I would not have it any other way. The workload we experience simulates that of a professional work environment, however we do not have to navigate this journey alone. We are lucky enough to have world-class professors and mentors coach us on how to work under pressure and create a deliverable that any seasoned vet in the consulting industry would be proud to put their name on. There is no better way to prepare for the arduous jungle of the corporate world than by learning how to withstand these times of unprecedented pressure.

I now have a better understanding of myself, and more specifically my work habits. Through trial and tribulation, I have learned what works best for me and what leaves me stressed beyond belief. Before this program, I was a serial procrastinator. I would continuously back myself into a corner and then rely on my determination to fight out of it. I quickly realized that this laid-back approach would not fly in this program. I have always considered myself an adaptable person, so I viewed this situation as another way to develop more mature habits that would ultimately serve me for the rest of my life. In doing this, I discovered a healthier balance between procrastination and immediacy.

Had I never joined this program and experienced a level of pressure that catapulted me out of my comfort zone, I would have undoubtedly entered my professional journey unequipped and unprepared. Having joined this program, I believe I am primed to make a real impact in whatever organization I find myself in with my newfound work habits and knowledge of sustainability.

My advice for anyone who joins this program in the future is to embrace the pressure that they will inevitably experience. In fact, that is their only option if they wish to excel in the MBA-SBP program. Ultimately though, they have two choices: to simply tolerate the pressure or to wield it as a source of personal transformation. If they choose the latter, I am confident that they will find success in whatever endeavor they choose throughout their lives.