My MBA-SBP Experience

by Mitchell Krenzer

As I began my MBA-SBP Experience in May, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Admittedly, I did not know much about the program, as it was my original intention to enlist in another program at the University. Through the orientation activities, I was able to garner a drift of what the program is about, which is an all encompassing program that embraces the knowledge of business, with a focus on developing creative, sustainable solutions to an ever changing business environment. The MBA-SBP program has allowed for me to garner experience in working with team members from diverse backgrounds to provide consulting services to local firms that are facing an unprecedented economic and social dilemma.

If I have gotten anything out of this program so far, it is that the ability to adapt and change business practices is imperative for future success. This is not only regarding the products and services the business offers, it is also related to the level of environmental, and social impact the business has on the greater community. As society shifts towards renewable energy, business persons such as myself must understand that being future-oriented is necessary for future success.

Furthermore, I see this program as an opportunity for me to have a better understanding of what type of a career path I plan to lead as I finish my education. While I graduated in May of 2020 with a degree in Accounting and Finance, I now understand that other options are appealing to me, such as general management, and consulting services. This journey, as well as other life experiences has helped for me to realize that I thrive off the energy and collaboration that other persons give. I thrive off of being physically active, with the feeling that I am providing important contributions to a project. With this in mind, it is my greatest intention that this program will not improve, but rather fine tune my professional skills in project development, analytical skills, and decision making in order for me to be a standout candidate in the greater job marketplace.