Duquesne’s Interfaith Meditation Room

by Brigid Mulholland

Duquesne University has an interfaith meditation room located on the third floor of Fisher Hall, providing students and staff with a beautiful environment for self-reflection and silent prayer in between classes. This room has everything: a bamboo shoe rack, meditation cushions, ambient lighting, prayer beads, and even a miniature library with a plethora of books on various meditation practices and faith disciplines. You can even schedule an appointment with the Counseling Service Center if you would like someone to personally teach you how to meditate!

Because this super cool space has provided me with a lot of comfort during periods of heightened stress, I wanted to use this space to spread the word. As grad students with busy schedules, it’s hard to imagine wanting to spend our precious time sitting still and doing “nothing” in a dark room. We feel like we must spend every moment on campus being productive, lest we be beset by guilt. It’s important to remember that the benefits associated with meditation make it far from a waste of time. Studies have shown that meditation boosts energy, improves sleep, controls pain, and manages fatigue. The “therapeutic dose” of meditation that leads to these health outcomes is just 15 minutes a day! So, next time you’re feeling tired, stressed, or a bit down, I suggest you stop by this room and meditate for just 15 minutes. What do you have to lose?