Orientation Day Four

by Maggie Cunningham

Day Four—After a busy week with many great experiences—from learning more about the program and upcoming classes to meeting the new MBA-SBP cohort—Orientation has ended. We are all excited to begin this new adventure together and grow closer as a class throughout the year.

For the first activity of the day, we did the Fishbanks Simulation led by Dr. Sroufe. This activity comes from MIT. We completed this activity in our groups that were pre-set for the first semester. The whole point of the simulation was to put yourself in the shoes of fishermen. We thought of it like being on the show “Wicked Tuna.” As a group, we made decisions about where and how many boats to send into either the deep sea, coast, or the dock. Each of these locations had a monetary value based on their location. We could also monitor the price of boats and the fish supply. Each group wrote down their own strategies on how to win. My group chose the strategy of buying as many ships as possible to expand our fleet. As the teams began the game, it became more and more competitive. Little did we know, as teams expanded their fleets, by year 12 we had depleted the entire fish population. The valuable lesson we learned was an important concept called the tragedies of the commons.

Dr. Sroufe then took the time to introduce sustainability terms that we would use throughout our time in the program. He also discussed myths about sustainability, different options for buildings to be certified, solar roofs, roads and the different measures for sustainability. This is an ever-expanding field with new ideas and concepts that we will use in our future careers. The day continued with a seminar about Design Thinking presented by the LUMAInstitute. They presented some eye-opening techniques on how we break down complex problems.