Duquesne Basketball Game

by Christopher Johnson

Recently, I was able to attend my very first Duquesne Women’s basketball game compliments of the Donahue Business Society and Duquesne Program Council. The Dukes were up against the George Washington Colonials. My wife, Candace, and I entered the A. J. Palumbo Center shortly after the 2:00 pm tip-off and made our way to the President’s Suite to mingle with the other attendees. We began to catch up with people we knew and had the opportunity to meet a few new individuals. To our surprise, there were two young ladies attending who were very interested in the MBA Sustainable Business Practices (MBA-SBP) program that my wife recently completed (and I am currently championing through). The young ladies were eager to learn more about our experiences, and we were eager to share with them. Snippets of our conversations are below (paraphrased).

Potential MBA-SBPs: How did both of you decide on the MBA-SBP program?

My wife (Candace) and Me: Candace did extensive research on MBA programs, and the Duquesne MBA-SBP was one of her top choices. It is a one-year MBA that has an added element of sustainability. She accepted the school’s invite to attend and, as she worked her way through the program, she would share her thoughts about the program with me. I was intrigued and had always told myself that investing in further education was something I need to do. I began to do my research regarding MBAs, but with my wife’s first-hand knowledge and belief in the program, I was already sold.

Potential MBA-SBPs: What are your class schedules like during the program?

My wife (Candace) and Me: Classes are Monday through Thursday each week (Fridays off – woot woot!). The times change a bit each semester. Some semesters’ classes take place earlier in the morning, and other semesters’ are a mixture of mid-day and afternoon classes. Some courses meet once a week, and others meet twice a week. The schedule is set up to accommodate team project work, client interface, professional development opportunities, networking opportunities, and work/life balance.

It’s always exciting to share the story of how my wife and I ended up at Duquesne for the MBA-SBP program, but it is even more gratifying to know that sharing our story could encourage someone else to embark on this journey that provides unparalleled insight into the numerous aspects of the business world and the significance of sustainable forethought. Knowing how to operate in the business world is one piece of the puzzle, but knowing how to navigate it in a manner that considers the financial, societal, and environmental impacts (sustainability) is the finished masterpiece (all the puzzle pieces put together). The finished masterpiece is strategically formed with a vision in mind that permits efficient construction because of the value understood in laying out a sufficient workflow process resulting in exquisiteness that is esthetically pleasing to the constructor and anyone that sees it.

Did I mention that we were at a basketball game? 😊 Who would think that so much that has nothing to do with a basketball, the hoop, or the players would come from attending a game. Although we were engaged in a great conversation about the MBA-SBP program, we were still able to observe the game and watch the amazing back-and-forth battle between the Dukes and the Colonials. Our Dukes fought hard, but the game ended in a 54-55 loss to the Colonials.

Additional Notes:

  • Former Duquesne basketball player April Robinson’s number was retired at the game
  • It was national girls and women in sports day
  • The Dukes did post-game autographs