Sustainability and Marriage

Have you ever thought about using the words “sustainability” and “marriage” together? If so, what came to mind? Did you think of a wedding that applied elements of sustainability to it? Maybe wonder if the wedding had all reusable dining and cookware or if they came up with a cool way to implement recyclable materials into the décor? Let me share a story that ties the words “sustainability” and “marriage” together in a slightly different way.

On August 11, 2018, a Duquesne MBA Sustainable Business Practice alum said “I do” to a current MBA-SBP student. What are the chances, right? Coincidence or planned intention of a couple looking to better themselves and the world around them?

My now-wife is a 2018 MBA-SBP graduate, and I am currently enrolled in the program. We knew each other a long time before attending Duquesne, but what are the chances that we would both end up at Duquesne working to get our MBA? As fate would have it, my wife was accepted into the program a year ago and quickly began to share her excitement about everything. She also made it a point to tell me that the program would be perfect for me, too. She would share the details of certain projects, and they really peaked my interest. To be completely honest, I would sometimes get more excited about some of her projects than she would. I appreciated the intellect, research, and drive that the projects required. Even as an outsider simply getting a glimpse into the program, I could tell it was ideal for growth and the opportunity to help others. After a healthy number of conversations, I decided to apply for the program and, to my excitement, I was accepted! I am now on the path to being a 2019 MBA-SBP graduate.

I have already finished my first semester and will admit it is a very intensive curriculum. But, it grows your understanding and gives you a new perspective on the business world – a sustainable point of view. The great thing about getting an MBA degree in sustainable business practices, is that it becomes a part of your everyday thought process and behavior. My wife and I both catch ourselves making observations regarding sustainable practices when we eat at restaurants, check into hotels, and so much more. We had an amazing honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico after our wedding, and I kid you not, while stopping by the bar in our hotel one night for a drink, we observed a sign that showed how the establishment was straw-free. We thought that was so awesome, until we looked a few feet over and noticed a container full of straws. We were going to ask the bartender about this when he brought our drinks, but before we could even get the words out of our mouths he began explaining the straw situation to us. The straws they provided were not made of plastic but were made from avocado seed – how cool and sustainable!

I share this story because I look forward to a sustainable future with my wife and a professional career focusing on sustainable business practices. I am grateful that Duquesne has afforded us both the opportunity to experience such a wonderful program and the ability to grow together in an effort to not only witness but make differences in the world! – Chris Johnson