Student Spotlight: Holden Slagel

Tell us about yourself.

Hello, my name is Holden Slagel, I’m from Columbus, Ohio. My undergrad, at Ohio State University, was a B.S. Environmental Science with a Specialization in Ecosystem Restoration. I’m pursuing the MBA-SBP at Duquesne University because I would like to make a substantial impact at a company through advancing into an executive position and implementing sustainable business practices. My career goals following the program are to use my undergrad to get a job in the environmental consulting or environmental health and safety job sectors. After obtaining the job and building a knowledge base of the company I’d like to advance into an executive position through the use of this MBA-SBP and implement sustainable, ethical, and profitable business practices.

What are you most looking forward to in the MBA SBP program?

I’m most looking forward to expanding my knowledge and gaining a better understanding for business administrative functions. I have a strong background from Ohio State, and understand the science behind the careers I would like to pursue. However, I think understanding the business and financial side behind making sustainable businesses solutions is invaluable to me in my future endeavors.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

The most interesting place I have been is North Queensland, Australia. I went on a study aboard trip with Ohio State and was able to go on adventures in the outback, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, explore the Dantree Rainforest, and many other adventures. It was an extremely interesting and fulfilling trip to be a part of, I gained valuable life experiences and knowledge.

What is the best way to start the day?

The best way for me to start my day is getting up early and begin being productive by working out, getting a good breakfast, and going through emails. I find this starts the day off productive and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Who inspires you to be better?

My parents inspire me to do better because they have been very successful in life; and I have seen where you can get in life with hard work, smart career choices, and intelligent investment strategies.

What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years I’m most looking forward to advancing in my career, moving to new places, creating network connections, and developing interpersonal relationships.