MBA-SBP Orientation Day Two

 Ranbir Gill,

Orientation has been an eye-opening experience so far because it already pushed me to learn about myself. The experience has enlightened me on all the opportunities that could be possible throughout this program.

During day two of orientation, we had various activities that provided insight into our individual teamwork skills and personality through an assessment analysis. The day began with Dr. Drake reviewing Excel with us, and I already felt like I was being challenged in a positive manner. Although I have been using Microsoft Excel daily for the last few years for internships and during my first job in the nonprofit sector, I realized I have a lot to learn to make better use of Excel. I am looking forward to improving my skills in Excel, so I can take advantage of all the tools it has to offer. Similar to the Excel overview, it was a new challenge with positive potential and growth visiting the school’s Investment Lab. Since I do not have a business background, I am anxious about the tools and programs we will be using for projects. However, I am excited to learn and have access to tools like Bloomberg. It was beneficial to learn about all of the resources and help we have for our projects at the university level and community level. I look forward to obtaining my Bloomberg certification because it will open more windows for me within my future career.

My favorite portion of the day was after lunch when we had the opportunity to engage in a teamwork activity with Dr. Kane, and evaluate our individual assessments with Mr. Haid. Both activities pushed me to think about my existing notions about teamwork and made me aware of how I make decisions. I was surprised by some of my results in the individual feedback, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to evaluate the areas I can improve upon during my time at Duquesne. It was also refreshing to be able to think about behaviors that I want to change, and to be given the time to think about them in depth. I look forward to furthering my management and teamwork skills.

I have been in Pittsburgh for six years, so it is not necessarily a new territory for me. However, this experience is immensely new for me because I do not come from a business background, nor do I have a lot of familiarity with Duquesne University. I have spent most of my last few years in Oakland because I attended the University of Pittsburgh for my undergraduate, where I studied political science. I enjoy being challenged, and I find fulfillment in growing through rewarding work. I am excited about all the opportunities the Sustainable Business Practices program has to offer, all within a year.

I stayed in Pittsburgh because I have come to truly enjoy this city and I feel like it has been a great place to grow within my education and career. I look forward to taking advantage of the learning opportunities in the next year. I want to enhance my knowledge on sustainability and leadership so I can enter back into the workforce with a unique perspective that helps me better my local community and the world.