Student Spotlight: Kevin Franko, MBA’18

Hello, my name is Kevin Franko, and you can say that I’m a dedicated Duke! I’ve spent over 5 years (or 23% of my life) at Duquesne University. I came in as a freshman in 2013, and just recently graduated from the MBA Sustainable Business Practices program. During my time in undergraduate, I studied Finance and Supply Chain Management and was on the men’s football team. I loved Duquesne so much that I decided to come back immediately following my undergraduate and complete my MBA. Over the course of my time at Duquesne, I can confidently say that my experiences with the people and community has positively shaped my life for the better.

The transition to the MBA program was easier for me compared to other students in my cohort, given that I had come straight from an undergraduate program. However, even with that being said, I knew from the start that this would be a more challenging experience than in my undergraduate days. The faculty and events offered over the course of the program pushed the way I thought, and helped develop me into a better-minded business person. Regardless of your background and/or proficiency, there was always some class or event that would try to take you out of your comfort zone. Duquesne provided a fantastic support staff from all levels of faculty that are always there for you. I owe a lot to them as they’ve helped me greatly along the way.

I considered all my classmates to be my family and it added to the learning experience, as we grew together.What made this program special for me, was the type of MBA it was and what it offered. The one-year completion time was a major factor. In just under 11 months, earning an MBA was very valuable. The cohort aspect was awesome as well. I’ve never had a schooling experience like it before. Having the same people around you all the time, experiencing the same things as you, really built a community. I considered all my classmates to be my family and it added to the learning experience, as we grew together. This was demonstrated through our consulting engagements and our study abroad trip to Peru. The study abroad trip was another item that made this program special. We traveled to Peru for a week and a half and it felt like a family vacation. Being with my cohort and visiting a new place where none of us had been before was fun. It added more value to the curriculum and gave me memories I’ll never forget. It is still surprising to me how much Duquesne actually packed-in to this program considering all we did. Though at times it was challenging, there was never a dull moment and there was always something exciting around the corner. I would recommend this program to any prospective person thinking about getting their MBA; and to anyone who is currently in it, I am excited for you as you have a fun road ahead!