Boston, MA: Greenbuild International Conference and Expo 2017

Last week I traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the 2017 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo . The expo lasted three days and spotlighted hundreds of vendors that were associated with all aspects of building construction. This included construction methods, building products, and environmental conservation efforts related to the construction industry. The size of companies ranged from one- or two-person efforts to implement smart tree harvesting practices for lumber production, all the way to larger corporations such as The Home Depot.

During my experience, I listened to several interesting speakers that discussed topics including green building internships geared toward college students, implementing smart buildings in public housing, and the benefits of Green Leasing . The last speaker was of interest to me, as my current consulting project is focused on Green Leasing. Green Leasing is an implementation in the leased commercial building sector, which allows for Green building and Green retrofitting.

It was a wonderful and memorable experience. I met individuals from all over the country and the world who are directly involved with innovation and application in the Green Building sector. It was also interesting that many attendees with whom I spoke with had heard of the MBA Sustainable Business Practices program at Duquesne.

Additionally, the location of the conference was an excellent experience unto itself. The history buff in me could visit the Boston Tea Party Museum, Boston Commons, and view the statues along the Boston Mall . I would highly recommend this conference to any student who is interested in a career in Green Building or Green Manufacturing, or simply is interested in what the future of building construction will look like.